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Customs legislation and international treaties

We have +20 years of experience in Foreign Trade advising and litigation, which allows us to provide you with accurate and timely information, expanding the scope of your company in international operations.

We are aware that a business international development should run in parallel with the development and constant modifications of the laws; therefore, having an strategic plan and professional advice will always help your company to minimize the exposure risks to sanctions originated by lack of knowledge of the legal framework.


  • Programs for the promotion and certification of companies:
    • Processing and obtaining promotion programs – IMMEX, PROSEC, Rule 8a, Quotas.
    • Due Diligence of importing companies, including IMMEX.
    • Certification of companies in customs matters.
    • OEA – Authorized Economic Operator.
    • VAT and IEPS certification.
    • Merger, spin-off and/or liquidation of companies in customs matters.
  • Certification and analysis of merchandise origin:
    • Analysis to verify that the goods to be exported reach the degree of origin according to the methods of the different current treaties. Advice on the Certification of Origin to be able to apply the tariff preferences negotiated in the treaties and free trade agreements signed by our country.
    • Advice regarding the requirements and documentation to support a review by international customs authorities.
  • Support services in control of Foreign Trade:
    • Review of the IMMEX Inventory control system in accordance with Annex 24 and Annex 30 for VAT and IEPS purposes.
    • Analysis of operations in the Foreign Trade inventory control system.
    • Preparation, review, and monitoring of the Customs Report of Foreign Trade Operations.
    • Periodic audit of petitions.
    • Monitoring and reporting of Foreign Trade operations through Power BI.
      • Electronic records of Foreign Trade.
      • Mexican Official Standards (NOM).
      • Tariff fractions and obligations.
      • Registers of importers and/or exporters by Sector.
      • Fixed assets regularization.
  • Accompaniment before the customs authorities for review or consultation:
    • Response to requirements in the field of Foreign Trade, PAMA and follow-up to provide documentary evidence, allowing distorting facts or omissions in the field of Foreign Trade.
    • Support and review of maquila contracts to align processes against customs management.
    • Preparation of consultations or criteria confirmations to the customs authorities.
    • Support in attention to follow-up of reviews to customers for customs acts.
  • Customs valuation:
    • Advice on customs valuation in accordance with the guidelines of customs law in force.
  • Management service:
    • Management and specialized processing in Foreign Trade before the National Customs Agency (ANAM), Ministry of Economy (SE) and Tax Administration Service (SAT).
    • Foreign Trade Tax Refund (Drawback).
    • Diagnosis in Customs Matters.
    • Advice for customs and tax compliance in international business operations.
  • Special services:
    • Teaching and Training Programs.
    • Daily update of Foreign Trade services.

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