About us

About Kreston Mexico

The meaning of the word Kreston is related to the ancient Greek word “trust”. And it is that trust is appreciated from having and maintaining long-term and effective relationships.

How did the Kreston Global network begin?

Some have been founded for more than 70 years, providing high-level services, which has allowed them to establish long-term relationships with their clients.

What do you look for in a consulting firm? In addition to the specific service, you are looking for a trusted firm.

Kreston belongs to the so-called “Mid-Tier” segment of the Global Consulting Services Firms classification (13th in 2021), which represents one of the main advantages of hiring it. Why? Because the Partners are outstanding professionals in their specialty, most of them have a track record that has gone through the most important firms in the world and necessarily have highly qualified personnel who must be continually trained and who require the use of state-of-the-art technology to provide services to customers in its segment, with the enormous difference of the proximity that Kreston offers its customers due to the size of its structure and organization. Our slogan “Knowing you” is more than a statement, it is a way of working, it is a service approach, it is our inspiration to develop services tailored to each client in every need.

Forum of Firms – international quality standards

Kreston is part of the exclusive group of member firms of the Forum of Firms, an independent association of international networks of firms that perform transnational audits. Forum members must demonstrate their commitment to adhering to and promoting the consistent application of high-quality auditing practices throughout the world, the Forum’s operating procedures and corporate governance agreements.

Kreston in Mexico serves companies that operate in various countries, collaborating in harmony with their peers or peer Firms in other countries, which makes us share the corporate culture of a global company and we understand what clients require from their consultants, providing definitive support to the client in Mexico.

Our network in Mexico, covering the most important cities in the country, allows us to offer national coverage and the wide portfolio of services that we offer to our clients includes the same that other firms provide globally.

Kreston in Mexico also offers the coverage and quality of a global Firm to Mexican companies seeking to develop in other countries through professional support in the necessary first connections to establish the business model in the expansion of operations internationally.

Our mission

To uphold highest standards of Commitment, Confidentiality and Competence and to always strive towards improving the quality of services rendered through constant and continuous process of learning, training and updating.