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Kreston Global, founded more than 50 years ago, is a network of 25,000 professionals made up of 160 independent consulting firms with a presence in more than 115 countries. Kreston México belongs to this network of Firms and our goal continues to be to help companies and individuals succeed internationally.

When companies require professional support, they need a proactive business advisor who not only knows how to analyze regulation, fiscal regimes, reporting and compliance requirements, but can provide valuable insights to improve their business.

We build trust and security as part of a long-term business partnership. When it comes to the decisions that will dictate your future, you need someone who understands you, you need a trusted advisor.

As new markets develop and technology evolves, your business can operate on an increasingly global scale. When you’re branching out into the unknown, local knowledge can give you that competitive advantage to get up and running quickly.

All our members know their local regulations and customs inside out.

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Kreston Global; the history

Kreston was founded in 1971 by two entrepreneurs, Dr. Gabriel Brotzl of the German accounting firm Bansbach and Michael Ross, who was then a partner in the British accounting firm Finnie & Co.

They established Kreston to allow independent and entrepreneurial firms to access a global network and compete with the larger firms that were in expansion process. The two founders were anxious to offer an alternative to the growing dominance of these giant players and a natural fit for mid-market organizations taking their first steps in the international arena.

In 2021 we celebrate 50 years of Kreston by recognizing the expansion of our network. We remain true to our founders’ values: providing responsive, empathetic and personal support for entrepreneurial mid-size companies and individuals to expand abroad.

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The Kreston Global Network

Kreston Global is an international accounting network providing advisory and accountancy services to businesses in 6 continents and 115 countries. Founded in 1971 the network brings together more than 25,000 talented people in professional and support roles.

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